Gregory Lee Newsome


Instrumentation 3 piccolos, 5 flutes, 2 alto flutes
Duration 7’
Year 2008



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Commercial Recording

Different Stones (iTunes)

Programme Note

“coruscating” is a literary synonym for flashing or sparkling light. This idea is in representation throughout the music, enveloping the listener in a texture of slowly-evolving sonic signals, much as a stargazer is surrounded by the visual signals of the celestial sphere. These signals, individually growing and changing over time, converge to a demented, mechanical apex, prior to a concordant, gently-pulsing epilogue.

“coruscating” was a private commission from Mark Takeshi McGregor.


This piece was premiered by the Tempest Flute Ensemble on March 14th, 2008 at the Sinclair Centre, Vancouver on the the programme Échos Fidèles, presented by Redshift Music Society.