Gregory Lee Newsome


Instrumentation 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, bass trombone, 5 percussion, CD
Duration 10’
Year 2002


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Programme Note

a design conception
based on accentuating the relative preaudibility
of specific variables
yielded a quasi-continuum of immutable objects and linear processes,
sculpted monoliths and clear transitions of state affecting, reconceiving
abstract traits of media music
- cycles, pulse, reiteration, repetition, stasis -
via a nascent cultural penchant
toward recontextualization,
respawning the immutable
objects evaporated, rusted, veneered,
not metaphorically reseen
nor propelled into desultory instance
yet unavoidably submitting to temporality,
forcing unmeant designating properties,
the smokepuppet,
the breadfan,
the kittymuzzle…


This piece was premiered by Vancouver New Music, conductor Giorgio Magnanensi, on September 14th, 2002 at the Vancouver Playhouse on the programme Ecuatorial.